Color Grading 360 Video

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As 360 video content becomes more prominent artists are pushing the envelope to capture, edit, color grade, and deliver this exciting new media to the public.

At Cognition we were approached by the Soma Fashion Network to work with them to color grade their new piece titled Underwater Mermaid, now available to view on the HTC Vive. Challenged with working with 4K stitched images edited in Premiere Pro and shot on a 360Abyss camera we developed techniques and used tools in SGO's Mistika to conform and grade the final work now available to the public. Really proud to be part of a great team on the cutting edge of technology and story telling. 

Read the full article from provideocoalition here.

Urban Growers

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Urban Growers based in Sydney Australia and headed by Byron Smith work to educate the public on creating green spaces in urban environments to give people more control over the food they eat and share. With more and more people residing in urban areas around the world it seems very relevant to figure out creative ways to integrate growing your own food as well as raising your own animals. For many people including myself I think taking small steps to grow yourself however ways you can just feels good and is extremely satisfying.

The People & Plants series I'm working on with Steven Antholis and Zoe Andrikidis plans to bring more content regarding useful references and inspiration for people looking to integrate plants in all shapes and forms into their daily lives.


American Jesus

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American Jesus explores with an open heart Christianity through the many diverse factions of American life in way that is insightful, fair, and entertaining. It was a treat last night to see the film directed by Aram Garriga that I got to help with with four years ago back in New York while interning at GlassEyePix. The movie's success comes from the memorable and colorful spread of characters and commenters who sometimes have differing ideologies yet are able to present ideas in a clear and earnest way to be thought and talked about. The film followed with a Q&A featuring director Arram Garriga, Craig Gross of, and Pastor Phil Aguilar of Set Free Church. Questions and conversations were good with many more to be had. If you have a chance to see American Jesus its worth the watch, check out the trailer above and website for screenings.

All Cheerleaders Die

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All Cheerleaders Die directed by Lucky McKee and Chris Siverson tells a tale of a group of high school cheerleaders who after a wild party night with the football team turned deadly, awake from the afterlife with the help of the supernatural. They return to school the next day with a new look and a new appetite for the football crew who wronged them the night before. Here at Lit Post we conformed and colored the film getting it out the door to festivals and ready for its eventual theatrical release. All Cheerleaders Die comes to VOD May 8th, and hits theaters and iTunes June 13.  Check out the trailer above.

The Sacrament

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Ti West's latest film The Sacrament tells a chilling story of a reporter (Sam), cameraman (Jake), and photographer (Patrick), who fly out to a remote location and uncover the true story behind the seemingly peaceful Eden Church Parish. The trip is meant to be a documented piece used for Vice, but will also allow Patrick to check in on his sister who has been living at the commune for sometime following substance abuse issues back home in New York. It was a pleasure to work with Peter Phok and Ti West during the DI and coloring of the film done here in Los Angeles at Lit Post. The movie will be available for video on demand starting May 1st and will begin a theater run starting June 6th.  Check out the newly released trailer.

The Quiet Ones

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Horror fans be sure to check out The Quiet Ones in theaters starting April 25th. Lit Post has been involved with the film for the past couple of years, co-producing, working through the post workflow, as well as the DI and color grading. The film directed by John Pogue stars Jared Harris, Sam Claflin, and Olivia Cooke, in a story about a university professor who attempts to create a poltergeist while filming and documenting the experiment.