For the longest time I've been trying to figure out the way I wanted to share my photography with the world. I've finally decided to create a photo blog within

After accumulating thousands of photos over the past few years and realizing how much I enjoy taking them, editing them, and revisiting them, I realized how few other people were seeing any of them. This is when I decided I wanted to share more of my photos with people on a regular basis. 

For years what deterred me from posting album upon album on websites like Flickr or Facebook was the fact that I would merely be dumping large quantities of photos there without much context or care in the hopes that someone may connect with or enjoy one of the pictures. With this new photo blog I intend to use the less is more ideology, and really take time choosing a photo each week. I'll choose some new and some old, write a bit about it, and hopefully accumulate an audience to enjoy these photos along with me.

This is the first step in my online photography venture which I hope to be able to market at some point in the future. For now I hope you enjoy these photos, comment, share, and check back from time to time.