Breakneck Ridge

From our campsite at the top of Breakneck Ridge my friends and I sat and enjoyed this beautiful sunset.

If you live in and around New York City and haven't yet made the trip to Breakneck Ridge, its worth exploring. Only a short 90 minute train ride from Grand Central Station NY on the Hudson Valley line,  Breakneck Ridge provides a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Check for the times that the train makes stops here, but once you get off the train you're there. The beauty of this spot is once you're off the train you simply cross the street and can begin hiking up one of the many trails. The hikes vary in difficulty from beginner to advanced so there is something for everyone. Once you make it towards the top you start to experience some of the best views of the Hudson river.

I've spent a handful of weekends camping here with friends for some great times, check out this video of one of our first adventures.