Flying from tree to tree in the early morning light I became entranced watching a hummingbird and became a birder. Early in the week I was photographing some bees pollinating flowers when out of the corner of my eye I saw a hummingbird appear. I attempted to quickly focus and take a shot, but in that brief moment he was gone. During an early morning photowalk from my apartment to Griffith Park I wondered if I would get another chance to see any more hummingbirds along my trek. The morning light slowly illuminated the neighborhood bit by bit and the birds were chirping awake. I ran into this guy sunning himself in the warm rays of sunshine, I had my second chance. Using my manual telephoto lens the best I could do was pick a focus point with an approximate distance to his flight path and hope for a somewhat clear snap. Tracking the birds flight pattern, observing his behaviors, and trying to position myself for the optimal light, I could have stood there for hours.