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The other day I recieved a really nice email from a woman in Hong Kong who teaches English there. She is going to be doing a class lesson about science and acid rain and wanted to incorporate my short documentary ADK, into her lesson. She thought it would be good to screen in class so her students could learn about the effects of acid rain, and also see a beautiful part of the US at the same time. These were my two main goals when making the film so it feels nice to have achieved that. She found the film online through my vimeo account, but its also viewable in the documentary section at Since her classroom does not do well with internet connections I've shipped her a couple copies of the DVD which also includes a sweet sountrack as well. If anyone else is interested in purchasing a copy of the film please contact me and we can arrange something. First official sale! Shout out to Jared Williams and Kirstin Huber for helping out with the killer logo and packaging!