1 Second Everyday

by williams424@gmail.com in

Today marks day 2 of recording one second of video from my life everyday for one year. I came across this idea via a blog I follow at, davechen.net, his post about his own project has some nice thoughts and conversations of his experiences partaking in this daily ritual. Along with my 365 photo project which is strictly still photo based, this is a great way to get creative with shooting some kind a video at least once a day. On top of that it will serve alongside my photos as the ultimate journal of what one year of my life was like. I'm going to primarily try to shoot with my Canon S100 which I always try to have with me, but if not my backup camera will be my ipod touch for now, and iPhone5 once it releases. I'm thinking as I go I will post updates from time to time to get a sense of how the project will play out.