Indian Lake Islands Campground

Celebrated an epic bachelor adventure camping and fishing with some great people on a private island. 

At Indian Lakes Island Campground we rented canoes and paddled just under 3 miles to site 32, the only site on the island. We set up camp under the trees and had plenty of room to spread out to create a cozy home base.


The fishing around camp was fun, but even better exploring the other islands and coves by canoe. We all caught numerous fish, mostly smallmouth bass, perch, and bluegill, and even a few keepers we grilled on the fire to enjoy. The adage is true, fish bite before the storm. After a flurry of bites we swiftly paddled back to camp and hunkered down during some serious rain and wind. After the storm the stargazing was was crystal clear and we enjoyed nature's fireworks as the lighting continued to strike far from us.


It was a blast hanging with some quality people and enjoying some simple activities as we observed the lake and weather change throughout the time we spent there.