Two Harbors Campground Catalina Island

Two Harbors Catalina Island is some of the coolest camping I've done in California. Looking down upon Isthmus Cove from a viewpoint along this hike you can get a unique view of the hourglass shape that shows both sides of the island. From the mainland you can see this distinguishing feature as well.


The campground is steps away from crystal clear waters where we dived and snorkeled among an array of beautiful sea life. We also cast out from the rocks and caught some small to decent size kelp wrasse, whitefish, and various others. Spending Friday and Saturday night we had plenty of time to relax in hammocks, eat some tasty food over the fire, and enjoy the company of good friends with some top notch weather.


Would love to trek the Trans-Catalina Trail which takes you from one end of the island to the other and check out more the next time back.